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'Research: the distance between an idea and its realization' 

ARTio values research as a way of perception and as a means of generating knowledge and creating meaning of the world that surrounds us. Our research projects are interdisciplinary and connect music to other artistic and scientific areas.


Current Research Projects

Music and thanatology


This interdiscilplinary project seeks to discuss the functional role of music in communicating death in online video platforms. In particular, the example of the YouTube platform is used to identify the links between death, music and video platforms. This project is a large-scale study on the functional role of music in communicating death through YouTube videos. It is suggested that music may serve as a link between media and death. The conclusions that are drawn in the two published papers are supported by the authors’ current and ongoing study and critical analysis of the deployment of music in the communication of death.


Dr Panagiotis Pentaris, Thanatologist (University of Greenwich)

Dr Maria Yerosimou, music researcher (ARTio Cyprus)

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Jani Christou: An Interdisciplinary, Interpretative approach to his late works (1965-69)


Jani Christou was a major Greek and Cypriot composer, whose unusual, yet promising career was brought to an end after his untimely death in 1970 at the age of 44. His challenging and speculative output has intrigued generation of young music scholars; however, J. Christou’s work remains imperfectly and only patchily known and understood, especially outside Greece. This is partly because of the interdisciplinary nature of his late works which reduces the possibility of potential researchers who will academically establish J. Christou’s distinguished output. The aim of the present project is to present and analyse the composer’s late works (1965-1969) in order to propose research directions in an effort to confirm J. Christou’s posthumous reputation. 


Dr Maria Yerosimou

Invited researchers in the fields of theatre, Jungian psychology and anthropological studies.

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Music theatre, Concert theatre and Interdisciplinary compositions for the Harp.

This projects aims to collect compositions for solo harp which fall under the category of experimental music/concert theatre, or that they are in various way interdisciplinary in their performance. The main objective is to publish a catalog of works with information and performance directions. 

Project leader:

Dr Maria Yerosimou

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