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Graphic score by Roman Haubenstock-Ramati

About us

ARTio (Arts Interdisciplinary Organisation)  is a non-profit organisation focusing on the interdisciplinary research, education and performance in the Arts, with a particular focus on Music. In specific, we explore Music's dialectic, collaborative and interacting relationship to other artistic and/or scientific areas, through research, education and performance projects. We would like to hear from you if you have ideas regarding any interdisciplinary music project. 

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Dr Maria Yerosimou

General Director & Founder

Maria Yerosimou is a researcher, performer and educator, with studies in music, performance and theatre. She holds a PhD in Music (Goldsmiths, University of London), a MMus in Music Performance (Harp), a MA in Performance Arts (Practice as Research – Interdisciplinary Performance) a PGDip in the Management of Learning and Teaching (HE - Goldsmiths) and a BMus in Applied Music Studies. Maria is an alumni scholar of the prestigious Leventis Foundation, Cyprus Scholarship Foundation and Greece Scholarship Foundation. Central to her activities is the idea of collaboration and interdisciplinarity.

Maria studies Jani Christou’s late works for more than 10 years, with his ‘Strychnine Lady’ being the subject of her PhD. She specialises in music theatre and interdisciplinary performance, as well as interdisciplinary music research, and she has presented and published her work in the UK, Greece, Cyprus, Germany and Poland, collaborating with universities and other organisations.


As a performer, she runs an ongoing project which started in 2009, ‘Harp Monologues’, in the context of which she explores the boundaries of harp performance interdisciplinary, with experimental approaches. Maria has been working as a music educator for more than 10 years, in schools and private institutions in the UK, Greece and Cyprus. She has worked academically to explore alternative learning paths and innovative approaches to education, bringing together contemporary music practices with other subjects, such as drama and language learning.



Andria Nicodemou

Director of Performance 

Andria is a multifaceted musician, improviser, composer and teaching artist from Cyprus, specializing in vibraphone. Her music is characterized as an ‘open-ended’ play where movement, theatricality and sound are equally important. She has been always exploring and going beyond the conventional music boundaries, searching for new sounds and extending the vibraphone sound techniques.


Andria has worked in diverse interdisciplinary art projects, with dancers and visual artists in Europe, USA and Canada and she was a special guest at the London Improvisers Orchestra and the Royal Improvisers Orchestra in Amsterdam. She has collaborated with musicians such as Joe Morris, Anthony Colema, Gerald Cleaver, Tayler Ho Bynum, Tatsuya Nakatani, Ab Baars, Anne La Berge, Guilermo Gregorio, Marc Sanders, Ingrid Laubrock, Ikue Morri, among others. She is a graduate from Corfu University in Greece in Classical Percussion and has received her Masters of Music in Contemporary Improvisation from the New England Conservatory in Boston, where she lives the last few years.


Dr Panayiotis Pentaris

Researcher - Music & Thanatology

Dr Panagiotis Pentaris is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Psychology, Social Work and Counselling at the University of Greenwich. 


Panagiotis is licensed in Social Work and Psychotherapy in the US, licensed to practice clinical social work in Greece, and Qualified in Social Work in the UK. He has conducted direct and clinical social work in the field of thanatology, notably with dying children and adults, and bereaved individuals. His professional practice varies, but is centred around death, dying and bereavement issues. Panagiotis has practiced internationally, including the US, the UK, Uganda and Greece. Positions held include hospice social worker, independent bereavement therapist, and social policy consultant regarding end of life strategies and palliative and hospice care guidance.

Panagiotis's teaching areas include social work theories, social theories, social work practice, loss and grief, change and transition, dying and professionalism, bereavement support, working with endings, religious literacy for social workers, religious literacy in end of life care, migration and social work, social work assessment, and critical and reflective practice.

Panagiotis is Course Leader and Instructor for courses in the BA (Hons) Social Work and MA Social Work here at the University of Greenwich.

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